'Predator & prey' music video directed by maddalena mcnicholas IS RELEASED on vimeo. Featuring model nimue smit, opera singer morschi franz, bo ningen guitarist kohhei matsuda with production design by artist sol Bailey-Barker.

'Never let me go' music video IS RELEASED on vevo. A film by Homer & Farley in collaboration with evelyn drach.


Welcome to Soho, a place you think you know. Evelyn Drach dances through the city streets bringing passersby into her dance as the roads are perpetually being dug up. Deep under the city 'there's a beast that beats at the base of this old place'.

'In a bunker under Soho they break bread, share wine
Exchange calling cards and heirlooms, awarded second lives
The screen invites the home, bound in private mission,
The cult of perversion, hugged by the cult of cyncism'

Evelyn Drach at Alice Black Gallery