Evelyn Drach is a musician and storyteller of Transylvanian descent. Her work draws from ancestral memory, living as an outsider, exploring abandoned buildings and travelling vast distances in search of buried stories. She describes herself as a voyeur, untangling symbolism and searching for the quiet truth beneath the surface. 

E.Drach's performances are secretive, taking place in forgotten buildings. To attend subscribe here.

Evelyn Drach photo by Manon Ouimet
‘A doorway opens, slow threads of memory untangle across a dusty threshold. It is neither day nor night but a mid-point, a hazy place unstuck from time. The strings of reality bind and unfurl, wavering between the softness of speech and the violence of human history.

This placeless place belonging to non and all, sits imperceptible just above our own. It is the tension between the dream and the phantom, the slippery skin separating the Fata Morgana from the base of the ocean.

It is here where sight and perception are pulled apart and intuition opens the palm of logic. Here with closed eyes the seer delves into the recess of epigenetic sound and begins to unpick the qualities of emotion.

This is where she makes her home, shape shifting and reaching out for concrete, chalk and clay...’